Our water solutions are featuring the most effective, sustainable and environmental friendly industrial water treatment available on the market. We are delivering turn-key solutions on skids to optimize installation time on site.

SR Reactor

Reverse Osmosis


SR Reactor, Revolutionary Water Treatment System for :





Scale, suspended solids, corrosion and bio-contamination are the cause of major problems with commercial and industrial process water systems. Inefficient heat transfer, plugging and outright failure happen all the time. SR reactor solves all these problems simultaneously, free of hazardous chemicals and unlike the chemical solutions. SR sustainable water treatment system saves water, power, chemicals, and maintenance and increases equipments’ lives. It can be designed for both retrofitting to any existing process water system and new processes.

Integral Co. provides you its exclusive system adapted to your needs.

Its applications are water supply, water disinfection, cooling and hot water systems, etc.… Starting development and producing it since a decade, the system has proven to be effective with any water, anywhere.

The concept behind the technology is adopted by global water treatment companies and well-proved with over 5,000 installations over the world. The technology is officially recognized by the US-EPA (Environnemental Protection Agency) and is a 2016 US Department of Energy High Impact Technology Finalist. 

Products are designed and produced in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Technologies’ Benefits

Thanks to our well established technology, which will work with any water composition, we will help you :

  • - Water use : -25 to -60%

    - Corrosion to negligible levels

    - Energy consumption due to cleaned heat exchanger surfaces regulatory oversight and management costs

    - Necessary maintenance repairs and cleanings

    - Planned and unplanned shutdowns in your system’s

    - Sewer use : -50 to -90%

    - Regulatory oversight and management costs

  • - All bio-contamination

    - 100% of hazardous chemicals use and storage

    - Silica, heavy oils, and other challenging contaminants

    - Scale formation and removes historic scale

  • - Equipment useful life

Integral Co. – Water Solutions

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